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Author Archives: Michel

Clogged Dryer Vent?

TweetIf your clothes aren’t getting dry, or are taking longer to dry than normal, your dryer vent may be clogged. A quick and easy way to clean the vent yourself is to take a shop vac and reverse the hose by putting it on the exhaust port instead of the intake port – it is … Continue reading »

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Over the Range or Stove Top Microwaves

Tweet  DO: Turn on the vent fan when using range or stove top, this will prevent the heat from drying out the plastic and cracking it (or in a worse case scenario, the handle can even break off).

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Front Load Washers – Do’s and Don’ts

Tweet  DON’T’S: Don’t over-soap … two tablespoons is usually enough Don’t fill over two thirds with clothes Don’t drag the clothes out of the washer – you may rip the gasket DO: Leave door open when not in use to try to avoid mildew Use “control lock” if you have children that may climb into … Continue reading »

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Air Gap …

Tweet  … it’s the chrome thing on the shoulder of your sink. 1.  When the dishwasher drains water should not flow out of the air gap.  If it does it usually means your garbage disposal is full. 2.  If your dishwasher leaves water at the bottom it usually means your air gap is clogged … … Continue reading »

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Dishwasher Do’s and Don’ts

Tweet  DO: 1.  Rinse off your dishes – no hard food should be left.  A dishwasher has a very small built in disposal and the screen behind it clogs very quickly … if clogged, the water will not spray through the spray arm. 2.  If you use liquid(gel) soap;  You’re water temperature has to be … Continue reading »

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Garbage Disposals – Do’s and Don’ts

Tweet  DO: 1. Use cold water whenever you use the disposal. 2. Throw ice cubes in the disposal – this will clean the inner cylinder as the ice is being circulated around. 3.  Cut lemon or orange peels in quarters before dropping them in, otherwise they will not grind up. DO NOT: 1.  Use hot water … Continue reading »

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