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Garbage Disposals – Do’s and Don’ts

Posted by on December 27, 2011



1. Use cold water whenever you use the disposal.

2. Throw ice cubes in the disposal – this will clean the inner cylinder as the ice is being circulated around.

3.  Cut lemon or orange peels in quarters before dropping them in, otherwise they will not grind up.


1.  Use hot water – the disposal does not have a cooling fan, and the heat will eventually melt the shellac separating the motor windings and burn out the motor.

2.  Throw rice or pasta in the disposal.

3.  Throw cucumber peels in the disposal

4.  Throw potato peels in the disposal – they are starch and if a clump of starch expands before it reaches your main drain at the street, the drains in your house will back up and you will need to have the main drain snaked.  This is a common occurrence during holidays.

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